Sean Silveira Launches Nationwide Wakesurfing Lessons

Sean Silveira Launches Nationwide Wakesurfing Lessons

If you had the chance to learn piano from Mozart, would you? How about playing a game of chess with Garry Kasparov? Even if you’re not a pianist or interested in chess, the answer to these questions is undoubtedly “yes!” You’d have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity to learn from the best of the best, regardless of what the activity is.

Mozart may be long dead and Kasparov isn’t giving private lessons these days, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the chance to hang out with the best of the best in other fields. In fact, if you’re interested in wakesurfing, this type of once-in-a-lifetime chance could be coming to a town near you!

Sean Silveira—one of the best wake surfers in the world—is now hosting wakesurfing lessons in five areas across the U.S. These limited-run programs are a chance to get one-on-one training from a grandmaster, whether you’re an aspiring wakesurfing pro yourself or just someone who loves being out on the water.


Reach Your Wakesurfing Goals

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never stepped on a wakesurf board before or if you’re a skilled surfer, Sean welcomes you to a learning experience like never before.

Attendees of the Sean Silveira wakesurfing training program will get the benefit of learning from one of the best in a small group environment. This gives Sean a chance to learn everyone’s individual skill level, so he can focus in on helping you improve specifically. From learning to stand and navigate the swells, to landing that never-been-done-before trick you’ve been working hard to create, Sean is up to the task!

Sean’s teaching style is a visual one. He’ll work to identify tips to help you improve your wakesurfing experience, showing you exactly what you should be doing along the way. In fact, he may even get out on the water next to you, so you can practice in tandem!

Coming to A City Near You!

Learn From The Best

When we say Sean is a grandmaster, we’re not exaggerating! Since hitting the Pro Wakesurf Tour, Sean has done nothing but win!

Take a look at his accolades from 2018 alone:

2018 PWT Results:

Safe to say, Sean is more than just pretty good at wakesurfing—he’s one of the best in the world! Having the opportunity to learn his secrets, hone your skills and improve your fundamentals alongside his pedigree is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Hit The Water With Sean

Ready to hit the water with Sean? Book your spot in one of his training sessions before they fill up! It’s a great opportunity for you to enjoy an amazing day of wakesurfing, hosted by one of the world’s best. It may not be piano lessons with Mozart or chess with Kasparov, but we’re betting it’s a whole lot more exciting, with one of the coolest dudes on the wakesurfing scene!

Ready to up your wakesurfing game?


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